Treadstone 3-Core Intercooler Install

The other night I got together with Dayzed50 to assist in installing a Treadstone 3-Core intercooler on his 93 GT Mustang. It is pretty crazy all the work we went through and not being able to anything from the exterior. It came out sweet and the fab work was flawless but to make it more interesting we’ll go through the process.
*I’m not the pro, just helping hands and racing buddy. Dayzed50 is the brains behind it all and forgive me if steps are missed or butchered.
First we had to start off by removing all the front bumper cover and the bumper as well. After the bumper was off the old 2-core intercooler was exposed and preliminary mounting for the 3-core intercooler could take place. From the images it can be seen how much larger the new intercooler was to the previous one, which was going to take a lot of fabrication (hopefully not to much) to get it to fit snug in the current location). We started by outlining how much of the inside of the bumper would have to be trimmed to accommodate the larger intercooler and where the custom mounts would have to be located. Dayzed50 then went through and made marks on the interior of the bumper where trimming would be need, the trim lines were not overdone and gave us a baseline to work with if more trimming was needed.
I started trimming the bumper while Dayzed50 starting working on the mounting location. After the initial trim, we got starting mounting the new intercooler using the passenger mount as the fixed location. The passenger side required an addition support mount underneath the existing mount as more as a precaution for stability. From image number 6 the passenger mount and driver side mount can be seen. The driver side mount didn’t require a hole lot of work, just a minor extension of the two existing mounts.
After the 3-core intercooler was mounted it was off to start fabing the new tubing. The old tubing was all 2 1/2 inch that had many twists and turns in it. These twists and turns created a longer travel from air out of the supercharger into the intercooler. So it was our goal to reduce the total travel distance of air from the blower to the intercooler while removing the twists and turns. By doing so the air flow would increase while maintaining the pressure generated by the supercharger. To our surprise we accomplished both by finding angled piping that fit into the current body structure of the car.
In image 6, on the right had side of the intercooler (as being view from in front of the car) the piping can be seen. It is short and really tucked into the body of the car. But now the challenge was focused on the passenger side of the car and getting the piping out of the intercooler will the least interference from the bumper mounts.
This is where a small problem arose. The rubber tubing hand to be pressed inside the bumper mounts to give it the air flow the straightest distance into the next bend. With no alternatives that is the route we had to take and by doing so create a small indentation in the rubber hosing. Looking into the rubber hosing with a flash light it was determined that the indention wasn’t that critical and would have minimal effect on overall performance.
Image 7 shows the final install of the intercooler with the front bumper and fascia missing. But this is where the time tedious and patient work began.
From this point the front bumper need to be fitted to check the current trim work and to determine where on the bumper the intercooler was touching and if it did touch, how much meat was need to be removed. After 4-6 fittings and trimming sessions the bumper fitted around the new intercooler will precision (mind you this took a better part of 2 hours on this small phase, bolting on, taking off, trimming, bolting on, un bolting, trimming and so on).
The bumper cover was the biggest challenge in the fitting and trimming phase of the Treadstone 3-core intercooler install. The first fit showed that the inner section of the passenger side parking light housing needed to be trimmed (putting a hole in it) for the intercooler to take up a 1/2 inch (or less) of space inside the parking light assembly. After ranking our brains about intercooler mounting location (move it up, down or back), of which only was back an option, it was determined that taking the meat out of the parking light assembly was the best option.
So more trimming took place and this time it was on the front bumper cover that was recent painted during 2006. Dayzed50 had those honors, I wouldn’t do it, well yea I would, and he got out the grinder and starting going to town on the technical work. This section of the fab work took over 2 hours because the fitting was crucial to retain the factory (somewhat since there a Cobra hood and grill on it) look and body lines. It would be a shame to have the front fascia all tweaked out and looking like some newbs installed some parts, ya know?
Well after all the work was done, and today I seen the final product, and it is a shame that you can’t even tell that a 3-Core Treadstone intercooler was installed over the 2-Core Procharger intercooler. But being "just a Mustang" is our ally and no one even knows that this thing should hit, I’m praying, 500+hp at the rear wheels come Monday the 25th and 1/4 mile times will be tested on Wednesday the 27th.
Bring on the 11’s!!
Then we will hit the road course on July 12 at Pacific Raceways and some more footage will be coming from the dyno test as well as the two track days. Long live Mustang Racing!! So for your enjoy here is a race against a Toyota Supra that took place a few weeks ago after the headers, intake and heads install. Enjoy!

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