Mustangs Northwest’s Mustang Roundup 2007 (Ride and Drive).

On July12, 2007 Dayzed50, Brad, David and I got together at Pacific Raceways for our biggest event of the year, Mustangs Northwest’s Mustang Roundup 2007 (Ride and Drive). The Roundup was everything we worked so hard for and it was a pleasure to run all day and come with nothing broken. Over the course of two years, since our last time attended, the Stang has gone through many upgrades that kept all four of busy.
In October of 2006, it started off with the paint job which David, owner of Sunset Body Works in Everett WA, and Dayzed added body parts from 93 Cobra (wing, rear bumper cover, hood and front bumper cover) and painted it with the same matching color scheme to retain that subtle modified but stock look. Next, it was time for Davie, Brad and Dayzed to buff, get the paint gleaming for summer and damn did they do a nice job.
At the beginning of April 2007 Dayzed informed that more new parts where going on, aluminum heads, intake and headers) I headed to lend a hand where I could and be a bullshit’n buddy. Everything installed smoothly if you count modifying everycthing to get everything to fit correctly. The motor was dropped in and fired first turn to a smooth pur. After the install we got to go out and hit the streets and see if anyone was out. We bumped into a guy with a Supra and had our way with him.
But soon their was more work to be done and something that didn’t make it into its own blog was a trip to the dyno for tuning. Brad and Dayzed50 made their way up north and turned some to see how much rwhp, rwtq and to analyze the fuel curve so nothing bad happened under extreme conditions. The Stang made 446.5 rwhp and 402.4 rwtq at around 6,000 rpms. Not to bad for a 9psi (at the manifold, running a 12 lb pulley) on a small block 302.
But that is not all shortly after the tuning Dayzed50 ordered up his Treadstone 3-Core intercooler to make smoother boost and improve the hp numbers. After the install it was back to the dyno for more testing and tuning and the number came back better but not as good as we hoped. The Stang produced 462.5 rwhp and 421.5 rwtq and 6-6,200 rpms, a 16 hp and 19 tq gain. Not bad for just a larger intercooler. But on the last pull it detonated and blew a chunk of aluminum out between cylinders 6-7. Ouch, more work and we are on a time crunch.
Dayzed50 had the motor broken down that night and the head in a machine shop getting it reparied. Within one week Dayzed50 had it repaired, installed and tested to make sure everything was back in order. But that is not where the story ends.
Dayzed installed brand new Koni adjustables up front (also didn’t get a blog) and Corbeau racing seats to improve the handle the g-forces within the car. During these installs I was talking with Dayzed50 by and had no time between work and moving to get out there and assist. But he the man and he once told me that "working on my Mustang is my Chi" and it totally is.
The day of the road course was finally here and David and Dayzed50 headed out to the tack at 5:45am on July 12, 2007 to get down on the road course. I picked up Brad (him and Dayzed50 live together) at 6am, packed the truck with tools, coolers, canopies and a table plus 4 chairs. But right before jumping in the truck I heard a whistle and notice my drivers front tire’s valve stem blew out. My truck had a flat, unload truck, get jack, get spare, change tire, load up and roll 3 chrome 20s and 1 black 16 inch to the track.
Upon arrival, with the 4th chrome sitting bed, we parked, unloaded and shared the story. Shortly after arrival it was time for the drivers meeting where Dayzed50 and I headed over too. Dayzed50 signed up for the advanced class and had to do at least the first session without passengers. That is cool it gave us time to watch and time for Dayzed50 to get used of the track with no distractions of a passenger.
The Stang sounded awesome, pulled hard and looked choice flying down the straight-aways in front of the grand stands. It was Dayzed50 first time in the advanced category and he was the only street car in there, the rest had numbers, big wings and slicks. Crazy eh? Heck yea but all the work and love in that Stang there was only one car which could pull him in the straight-aways. But most of the cars where faster due to their handling in the corners and traction from the better tires.
Dayzed50’s SO-3 Pole Positions started to melt under the extreme track conditions but that was to be expected since they are just extreme street tires and not made for the track.
The end of the session came with no problems arising and we got some time to look at the footage on my tablet pc (yea we brought it with a power converter so everything could be charged from the truck). After some tweaks and more dialing in we got the camera angles right, and made sure there were fresh batteries, we got a full 18 minute video from inside the car, where I was the passenger, but only 10 minutes of it is on YouTube.
I got the first ride, Brad got the second and David got the third. After all these sessions the Stang had one minor problem, a breather was clogged in differential and sharded some oil upon clearing itself. The Stang preformed and looked awesome out there with all the race cars and showing people that a fast car doesn’t have to be set up and kept on the track. We stayed there almost the entire day look at all the cars and talking to people.
Everything went smoothly and made our way home to relax, watch footage and just bullshit about the day. It was so much and made all the work throughout the year and half well worth it. The rest of the summer will be working on the Mustang video project to share with family and friends.
Until next time and if you see out and about gives a shout and we will do some bullshitt’n.



4 thoughts on “Mustangs Northwest’s Mustang Roundup 2007 (Ride and Drive).

  1. Ha! That is a kick ass \’Stang man… Nice work on that…
    Bought myself a new Seahawks hat yesterday. You know,….just getting ready early,..Hahahahaha!
    Take it easy Toby
    And don\’t get any tickets in that car 😉 

  2. Hey there.  Just noticed your space link posted on the Facebook Group.. so I thought I\’d come check it out. 🙂 

  3. Hey Dude!!  I haven\’t been hanging around much but I\’m going to have to do some reading of your blogginess tonight.  Mel and I are going to Hawaii in October.  How\’d u like HP 7?

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