Real estate marketing

Well last month I finally did it, completion of our Snohomish County real estate website. A lot of time went into research and writing the etire site, read full recap. Work has been hectic and it is something new from day to day. Our broker, Mickie, has been recieving many listing appointments due the market changes, more inventory than sells.
Some may disagree but having standing inventory is a good thing. Why is that? Because all that inventory has to be blogged about on the website and expanding our the number of Snohomish County specific keywords on the website. We have seen a tremendous results with the the blogsite when it comes to ranking high for strong keywords as well as long tail search terms.
I have also be doing some really strong link work which will reinforce the strong seo of the blogsite. The links I have been working on have been in the Best of the Web, US Real Estate Directory, Now Seen It Web Directory. To compliemtn these new links I have been submitting articles to Netscape, Bumpzee and Real Estate Voices in order to generate more links from many sources.
My current work goal is to get a Seattle real estate comparison page to rank really high for ut keywords. That way I can pull some traffic from a huge keyword and hopefully convert people to live a bit farterh North. There has been so much going on that it is cahllenging to stay focused and get everything done in a timely manner.
Sometimes it seems that I am behind but in all reality I am not behind at all; its just the pressure I put on myself inducing those feelings. Ah well that is life and I will have just to work through or take another vacation, vacations are good!
Well that is all from me today and I am off to work on some other items of promotion.

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