Goingbigger’s Tower of Power

It has been 8 long years since I got my very first desktop computer and as of yesterday I now have a top of the line gaming machine that can still be used for work (evil grin). On Monday Todd and I met up at Computer Sonics in Lynnwood with a budget of 1K Todd and the computer guru (aka kid) in the store set out to construct a PC that used every acrnoym in the Computers for Dummy’s Handbook. So to make it simple is the fastest computer Todd has ever built and is what he has dubbed "The Tower of Power".
I have been needing a new computer for some time since my old Dell desktop was P III 800 which does not really suffice for the requirements of modern games. So the choice was to upgrade the processor to an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6 with a Nivida gForce 512mb video card, 2 gigs of memory and 400 gig hard drive…Jack Pot!! It took Todd to install the motherboard, process, video card and wireless card into the new case in about 25 minutes while I observed impatiently and tried to enjoy football. After the hardware install it was time to install XP Pro (have not upgraded to Vista Ultimate yet) and Service Pack 2. Taking a whole 25 minutes, yea that is super fast, it was time to get the new game ready.
The current game of choice is Lord of the Rings Online which is Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMRPG), I usually God mode strategy games like Starcraft II. The graphics are intense and using my 50" plasma for the monitor is nothing short that a gamer’s dream. Last night was the first full night of gaming on it and could have stayed up to the wee morning enjoy the graphics.
In LOTRO it rains, thunders and lightings and the water, in ponds and pools, looks real. You can see through the glistening water to the bottom of the pool making the gaming experience a real treat. Gaming technology has advanced since my first machine and it is nice to be able to enjoy it without getting the Windows Blue Screen of Death.
Another item the PC excels in is running SETI@Home’s Bionic research program. It used to take me at least 1 day to crunch a data unit now it is taking me 2 1/2 hours…Boyaoo…Goingbigger is going to find aliens. This will greatly increase the stats being put up by Just Jyll and myself for Goingbigger Exploration, Inc. I am letting the Tower of Power crunch data 24/7 right now to see what it total performance is, I am writing this at work, which should give me at least a 100 average credits per data unit.
Well I better get to work and quit think about the Tower of Power, P.S. Pictures will be up tonight. I broke my camera so that is why there have not been pictures of Hawks games and only a few from the Marlboro Hot Laps.

16 thoughts on “Goingbigger’s Tower of Power

  1. LOL. If you upgrade to Vista, you\’ll need at least 2 gigs of memory (4 is better) otherwise you\’ll see a performance hit in gaming, productivity (basically everything). Vista is a memory hog. You\’ll have to join me on Battlefield 2142. I tried LOTR but couldn\’t get into it. Tired of doing "fetch this" quests!!  I\’m surprised your friend didn\’t tell you to get an 8800 card. They just dropped the price to around 350 or so. Right now I have 2 7800\’s running in SLI in my rig. Still holding their own, although the newer stuff coming out it gonig to require an upgrade if I want all the eye candy. 

  2. Punk 😉 I wanted to go the SLI route but the bill was adding up…I double check which vid card is the machine…I wrote this at work and didnt have the specs infront of me. 
    Vista Ultimate is only using 600mb of memory on my buddies machine and almost a gig playing LOTRO. I know what you mean by fetch this and fecth that but i also like killing things with swords 🙂

  3. The Flowrider is in Ogden and it is SUCH a blast.  I convinced my boss to let me take a 2 hour lunch on Wednesdays so I can go every Wednesday @ 10.  Its taken me a while to catch on, but I\’m finally getting a handle on how to turn on the thing.
    GO HAWKS!!

  4. Yeah, we soaked a grand into our new HP system just recently.
    But better yet, we just paid $500 bucks for a new Xbox 360 and another $125 for
    the Halo 3 Legendary Edition.
    It\’s just us boys and our Toys ya know! LOL!!
    Ok, I really just came by to say only one word,…… "SEAHAWKS!!!"
    well maybe an additional 4 words: DEATH TO THE STEELERS!
    It\’s payback time! hehehe!!
    Taker\’ sleazy buddy!

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    Catch ya later my friend.

    To my Hawk bud Toby….
    I\’m passing this one along to you,

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    Big Hugs my friend,
    GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!!

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  11. Congrats on the new machine.  I upgraded mine last summer, and again in the spring (video card). 
    I have a request.  I\’ve bought a Mariners team signature ball (reproduced signatues, costa about $10) every year for the last 10 years.  This year, however, I dinked around and didn\’t order it till late.  MLB just canceled my order because they may not be able to fill it.  I\’ve poked around online and came up empty.  If you know of a place in Seattle that might have one could your please let me know.


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