Double D’s Fish Tank

My roommate, Double D, has been building his fish tank ever since we moved into the house. The tank was found in Mercer Island, he barrowed the truck to pick it up, and it measures 6′ long, 3′ tall and 2′ deep (150 gallons). Since stands are quit expensive Double D built his own with the help of some friends using 4×4 posts and 2×4’s since it was figured the tank, gravel, fish and stand would all weigh around 2k pounds. But after it was all done it was time to pick out the fish.
This is no ordinary tank with nice colorful fish that swim around and make you feel tranquil, no, it is full of Wolf-Cichlids that fight, eat and just raise a ruckus. Here is the break down of what is in the tank that has been dubbed "Hostile Environment".
  • 12 Convicts
  • 2 Jack Dempsey’s
  • 1 Flower horn, Red Devil, Trimack mix
  • 4 Jaguars
  • 1 Red Devil
  • 2 Texans
  • 1 Fire Mouth
  • 2 Green Terrors
  • 1 Dovii
  • 1 Paracrombis (algae eater)
  • 1 Electric Blue Crawdad
  • 2 Snails

Oh yea, there are 2 Umbies that are in a 10 gallon tank on the rapid growth program. Ever fish store we go into and people ask what is in the tank and we tell them, their eyes get all big and look at us like we are crazy. HAHA yep! I will probably have pictures tonight of the tank and maybe if there is a fight their will be videos.


One thought on “Double D’s Fish Tank

  1. Love the Fish!
    We used to have a couple of Oscars in one tank, and 2 Dempseys and 2 Firemouths in another.
    The Firemouths ond oscars would eat the feeders completely, but the Dempseys would violently attack
    the feeders and eat just their stomach and pop their swim bladder till they sank to the bottom, then
    they would just ignore them while they died. It always made me mad! LOL!!
    The Oscars were cool but were more trouble than they were worth.
    My buddy years back had 4 Phirrannas <—-SP???
    and they were lots of fun! LOL!!
    OK, enough about fish,………….. HOW ABOUT THEM SEAHAWKS!!!! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!!!
    I have mixed feelings about Shaun Alexander, but Mo Morris is kicking some serious @$$!!!
    I hope he stays in cause MO THA\’ MAN!!
    And the Josh Brown Tackle,……. Damn that some good Football right There!!!
    Taker\’ Sleazy Buddy & GO SEAHAWKS!!!!

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