Annual skip has come and gone once again

It has been to long since last blogging, the last two posts where emails I copied & pasted, about what has transpired in my life. But one thing I have been doing more of this year is snow skiing but since my digital camera is broken there have not been any pictures. That changed this year when the whole gang got together for its annual skiing trip, Whistler 2006 and Mt. Hood 2007, and this year the destination was Mt Bachelor.
The day started like the other trips with getting on the road early Thursday morning with a full truck and the hammer down. We made our way down I-5, to Highway 205, to Highway 85 and lastly onto Highway 26 and it didn’t take so much time and one tank of gas to arrive at Sunriver. The cabin this year was a 7 bedroom, 5 bathroom, large kitchen, large living room, hot tub and, my favorite, a Boston Acoustic surround system. Definitely a nice touch.
After a few beers, with all rational thinking leaving us, someone got the bright idea that skiing off the roof need to be done. I have to say making a first decent on a roof is quite cool. At first it was challenging to walk up the roof in ski boots but once the skis where on it was oddly normal. We rocked the roof a few times and even over a college rivals flag, haha!
Then Friday morning came and we piled in the autos and powered up the 15 mile drive from Sunriver to Mt. Bachelor. Visibility was pretty poor and the winds where high which shut down two of the best runs on the mountain, Summit and Northwest Chair. The up side was that there was a lot of snow and the tree skiing was awesome!! We rocked the mountain all day and even dipped into the terrain park and over shot a landing or two 🙂 The day progressed and it was too soon that the mountain was closing and the lounge call our name. With our thighs burning we proceed to ease the pain with some local brew beers.
That evening we partied pretty good but there was no dancing like on the previous evening but mostly conversation about the days ride. What runs we liked, where we could tomorrow and praying that the weather lifted to give us an epic day. The Snow Gods heeded our prayers and we found ourselves on the mountain with crystal clear skies, check this picture. We rocked more jumps, drops and even got a few snap shots of the air time. Since the weather was so good they opened up the Northwest Chair and it was on. Untracked snow, not the best powder, and long runs took down our legs to where it was difficult to stand let alone ski. We got to the bottom of the mountain at closing time and headed to the lounge to lick our wounds, mine where bruised ribs from a tumble.
Unnkown to us, whom where skiing, half the gang left to go home because stomach ailments and one guy and his girl got into a pretty accident on Highway 26. That sucked!
The rest of us enjoyed the hot tub with drinks, food, music, movies and great conversation throughout the night and avoiding any discussion of the coming morning. If there is one consistency in my short life and that is the sun will rise and tomorrow will come matter how you do not want it too. The gang spent the morning cleaning, organizing and looking at pictures of the weekend adventure that is Mt Bachelor 2008.
I had to take a detour through Portland to pick up a table and chairs, I bitched about that here, and drove home. The ride back took us 7 1/2 hours and one tank of gas, dam I love my truck, before arriving in Seattle to make a few stops and the journey back to home to Marysville. Ah I want to do it again already and can not believe it came and went so quickly. Well there is always next year and can only wait until that day arrives. But until that day keep it rockin!!

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