Lunar Eclipse and other evening sensations

Upon turning on the computer yesterday I seen on there was going to be a lunar eclipse which would be visible from Washington. I got home and started working on a new project and awaited for the sun to set and the moon to make its rise into the eastern sky. But upon checking the sky after sunset there were many clouds looking to obscure the view. Fortunately the clouds blew out and it was a perfectly clear February night and the back yard gave us a perfect view.
I brought out the telescope and binoculars to get a closer look at the Moon’s surface as Earth’s shadow cascaded across it. My roommate and I were treated to an event that does not happen everyday and it was his first looking through a telescope and/or binoculars at the moon let alone a Lunar eclipse. We spent the evening talking about how fascinating space is and what other celestial bodies we can see; Saturn, Mars, the constellation Orion and so much more. It was a fun evening and cannot wait until there is enough money in the back for better optics and a new telescope stand.

6 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse and other evening sensations

  1. Lucky!!  We had cloud cover and missed it.  I did find a site that was being run out of England.  The guy had his telescope trained on Luna and was broadcasting pics every 20 seconds.  I copied a pic every minute and have stitched them together in a java app.  I can get the app to work out of an IDE and straight from the class file, but I can\’t get it to work as an executable jar.  As soon as I figure that glitch out I\’ll post it on my blog.

  2. I finshed the Lunar Eclipse app as an executable jar.  I had to go to the Java forum and ask for help.  The method call stack is one of the most convuluted and counter intuituve that I\’ve ever seen.  You would think that Sun would make listing the contents of a jar file easy.  I\’ve been trying to figure out how to add the app to my blog so that people can download it.  In the mean time, I\’ll email it to you.  I saved 1 pic per minute (occasionally more) and the app runs at 10 frames per second.  Making 1 sec worth about 10 mins of real time.  (Now tht I have the app in a state where that I can swap out the images folder and re-jar it, I\’m going to start adding user controls, such as faster, slower, next, previous, …)

  3. I was on my way home from work and going across the Purdy Spit, if you know where that is.
    Cars were lined up all along the waterfront and it was awesome!
    Alot more awesome than the news about Josh brown,…. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    Taker sleazy Buddy!

  4. Hey bud I added the app to my Skydrive under Freeware.  Can you do me a favor and test the availability of the app.  What happened to JB?

  5. Heh thanx for posting the files link.  I didn\’t know you could do that.  I had slreasy added the eclipse to my ski drive, now the folder is embedded in the blog for people to download.  One question though do you know how to add an information tag?  I tried the links and the app wprks if I download it, but not if I try to run it in place.  Additionally it would be nice to give people more inforamation about what they are downloading.

  6. Thanks for adding me. I actually was working the night of the eclipse. So, while I was driving east, I saw the whole thing unfold in front of my eyes. It is amazing how they know what\’s going to happen in the atmosphere. I can\’t wait for a solar eclipse, so I can pull out the goggles and watch that one.
    Have yourself a great week and drop by anytime!

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