Looking for a new jobby job

Lately I have been opening my options to leave the real estate industry and pursue a marketing position elsewhere. It sucks looking for a job, filling out profiles, uploading resume (which never formats correctly), search job listings, add to job cart, submit and rinse and repeat. I started in January 08 rewriting my resume and now it is top of the line, which is pleasing. I should be submitted to jobs right now but got lazy and now blogging about how much of pain it is 🙂
Some good news has come through though. Thursday of last week I recieved an email from a company, where I would love to work, asking me to answer a few regarding a marketing manager position. To say the least the questionnaire was difficult but got it done Monday afternoon and submitted it back to the recruiter. I did hear back a few minutes after sending it which gives me hope and here are my theories of what happened.
  • They sent a curtousy email just to let me know the questionnaire was recieved, or
  • They liked what the answers on the questionnaire and responded back immediately to let me know that have received it

Either way I am happy to have heard back from them…well I better do something 🙂


2 thoughts on “Looking for a new jobby job

  1. No thank Jason, I am trying to get out of the real estate industry and find something more in the tech marketing field.

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