cre8buzz is one of the hottest and friendliest networks out

Since my time online has grown into more than just a hobby I thought I would share a website with you all that it quite fun, interactive as well as a great place to meet like minded people. The site is cre8buzz. cr8buzz was just recently released from beta any is now open to the public. The beta test used an invite system to build the initial user base. My invite came by the way of a friend, Jade456, and I created a profile in the Real Estate group.
Like other social networking sites, cre8buzz allows users to setup free accounts, comment on questions, engage other users in forums and comment on other profiles, uploaded podcasts, pictures and videos, write blog posting, add a friends list and even add a website list (like ones your author). But that is not what really sets the network off. For me its the way the community talks to each other that makes it so attractive.
Other social networks people go off the handle and say some stupid stuff and the worst stuff I see is on YouTube. F-bomb this and f-bomb that and so on…it makes it unenjoyable to share while these culprits hide behind the anonymity mask the web has. That is important for me; the way people communicate really turns me on or off and cre8buzz has really done it for me. When conversations, comments and the like reduce themselves to name calling feud fests, like a bunch of kids, it drives me crazy and to drastic measures of leaving the network completely. But some people just do not get it that social networking and bad behavior and lead to serious consequences, blog post worth reading: Bob Sutton’s Asshole Management, so they can get away with abusive behavior is horrible, enough about that through.
I was buzzing around the network and though I would share some of my favorites out there. To bad none of my stuff made into my favorites…what is up with that?
My Favorite Picture: Born to be & father and son
My Favorite Blog Post: Common mistakes smart buyers make when buying a home (cannot help it being real estate related)
My Favorite Podcast/Video: Terry Tate – Office Linebacker
My Favorite Profile: Evancalous
So if you have some time you take a breeze through the network and see if you like it and sign up. But you do not have to take my word for it; check out a Digg submission and see what everyone else has to say. That is not all; look for more action on the cre8buzz circuit in the coming months. It is my guess that the network is going to exploded and membership will increase exponentially.
Other items to note about the cre8buzz network is how easy the system is to use and maintain. Setting up a profile took just a few minutes and customizing profile was just as easy. Many members have made "pimp your profile" tutorials and other widgets to further customize a profile; which is more customizable that what Spaces has to offer. For my profile, I chose to move the modules around the three columns to get the right look and keep it pretty basic.
It is a fun network so what are you waiting for…get out there and cre8buzz for yourself, company or whatever! Hope to see you there.

One thought on “cre8buzz is one of the hottest and friendliest networks out

  1. I just want to let you know that I am blogging again! Please come by to catch up and I will be sure to visit "Going Bigger" frequently, as well. See you around!

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