Fuck a Payday…Grab an AK

Why does work think it can just butt in and take up all my free time? I do not know but lately there has been little time to do fun things. Well that is not totally true but pretty darn close. I have been working on projects, joining networking groups, hitting seminars and trying to work at my day job to. So far I am doing nothing really good and stress is really high. Today it took me forever to get going between dropping of a lawn mower, forgetting my documents on home computer and driving all over town. I finally got settled, oh yea the power cable for my tablet went out which costs $160 after tax, and powered through an articlem proposal and emails. Not bad and een did an artlcle when I got home. Well its hella late and I am going to bed.

One thought on “Fuck a Payday…Grab an AK

  1. Grab an A-K???
    I\’ve been trying to tell people that for years now!
    See, look at my picture,… I carry mine around everywhere, except to Seahawks games! LOL!!
    Quit working too hard Toby,.. you\’ll burn out young and become a couch potato who sits at home
    all day long watching soup opera\’s, American idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Flava of Love reruns!
    Hahahahahha!!!! just kidding! :p
    Taker\’ Sleazy Buddy!

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