Sweet 4th of July Pics

This 4th of July I spent with friends at a wedding. I know what you are thinking, weddings are gay, but this one was cool. It lasted a whole 10 minutes (tops) and I was boozing during the ceremony. Easy money if you ask me. After the "I do’s", everyone started in on the food, got back to talking and started to booze even harder. Then the meat wagon showed up.
A 1948 Ford truck pulling a bbq that would not fit in some garages. It was packed full with good smelling wood and tons of meat. Ribs, ribs and more ribs baby! There were pretty good and hosted by Armadillo Barbeque. What a cool name and they said they even have a 1953 GMC as their other truck. Should have brought that instead of the Ford, lol, needed at lease one Ford jab in there.
Then the big moment had arrived. All year I have been waiting for the 4th because my room mate bought like 2k dallors worth of fireworks (wholesale from the internet) and made a 4×8 display board to compliment the boxes off other stuff he had 🙂 The dispay was the best have ever seen and the pictures turned out amazing. I bought a Fujifilm camera for my 30th and it has a fireworks setting on it. Bingo! The show lasted for about 30 – 40 minutes and there was a rock cover band playing right behind us. So rock music, drinks and fireworks (Toby got a burn on left hand…thank god it was the left!) was the best combination. And here is my favorite of all the pictures, all the rest can be found in the photo album.

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