Seafair 2008 on Lake Washington

Last weekend my girlfriend, Jyll, and I were joined by friends out on Lake Washington for Seafair. It was one of the most relaxing days as no one talked about work and laughed a lot. The day started off by launching the boat at Magnusson Park directly west of Kirkland. There were some yahoos trying to launch their boats and all it took me was to pull out, back, brake launch the boat and with Rudy on a tagline. Boat launched!
We drove across Lake Washington into Kirkland and picked up Jyll off the docks (I got all confused and drove around looking for Kirkland for like 10 minutes). Then the day was rolling. Girls, food, drinks, gas and a boat. All the perfect ingredients for fun. We watched the Blue Angles from lake tied up to Chris’s buddies and partied on!! The Blue Angles kicked ass once again and is definetly worth seeing if you’ve never been to Washington.
The rest of the day was spent cruising around the lake and chillin. I did another post on my real estate website about it and has a little different perspective. Check it out…Pictures should be up soon too in the photo album. So pease out and as Grinchy says "taker sleazy".

3 thoughts on “Seafair 2008 on Lake Washington

    Hey Toby!!
    Cool Video!
    The Blue angels, on a Sunny western Washington day, on Lake Washington, at Seafair!!!
    OMG, those are All the makings for a perfect day!
    Sounds like you had a great time!
    We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful State, I\’ve seen many places, but Western Washington
    with all the trees and water and scenery cant be beat!!!
    I never take that for granted either!
    Well the Hawks play the first pre-season game today!!! WHOO-HOOO!!!
    I\’m Feelin\’ The Seahawks fever big time!!
    (wearing my new Hawks jersey today too, for good luck!)
    Taker\’ Sleazy buddy, and GO SEAHAWKS!!

    Ok I\’m Back!
    I was thinking earlier,… Today\’s 08/08/08 and Hasselbeck\’s number is 8 too!!
    It was an Omen from the Football gods! LOL!!
    What a Great 1st game for pre-season! We Rule huh!

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