Daily life can be a complete challenge

Well I am still looking for a new job. The real estate industry seems to go from bad, to worse, to completed messed up. It makes it hard to stay motivated when there is really nothing going on, hence blogging from my office. I’ve been applying at Microsoft and looking at their career website almost daily to see the new jobs, submit resume and so on but haven’t had to much good news.
To help with the finances I have joined a networking group in Mill Creek/Bothell for my small business marketing company. I have gotten one job out of it, a website for a furniture management company and hoping to have a few more in the coming months. Tuesday I meet with the Lake Stevens chapter to review a proposal and hopefully get them to commit and sign the document. Their site will be awesome if I get the job but for now its just a waiting game.
A part of me resents some of my friends. They are all doing really well with their jobs, making money, climbing the management chain while I sit back with a BA and struggle. What is it? Am I not good enough, savvy enough, or out going enough? Not sure but it is frustrating to say the least. I feel bad for resenting my friends and not wanting to hear their exciting stories of promotions, traveling and pay raises. Maybe things will change in the near future and I can stop feeling this way.
Well, instead of pouting I better get back to work try to do something productive.

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