Seattle faces Chargers Tonight @ 5pm PST

Football season is underway; well it is preseason still. I went to last weeks game against the Bears and was surprised to see Grossman playing most of the game but not surprised to see him play as bad as last year. Honestly, can’t the Bears get a better QB? I should probably be glad they don’t. The game was fun and it felt really good to be back in the stadium after the long hiatus.
I am really looking forward to this season and it looks like there are some definite new stars on the team. My favorite player sill remains #8 Matt Hasselbeck but I pretty like every player on the team. Hopefully our starters play 1 quarter this time as watching touchdowns are always a favorite past time of mine 🙂
Tonight the Hawks play the Chargers in their 3rd preseason game. It is getting close to crunch time and players are going to fighting for play time as good impressions make the coaches desk, as well as bad ones. Who will make the team for the 2008 Seattle Seahawks? I’m not sure yet and definitely not as good as the pros pickers so I will wait this one out and just enjoy the game tonight and talk football with the guys!
Go Hawks!

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