Just a bunch of stuff

Work has been a challenge and a half lately and all I can do is put one foot in front of the other. I started a new project for our Lord of the Rings Online Kinship; Knights of the Third Age. The site is in the beginning stages but will get going fairly soon. Got some kinks to work out especially in the forum.
On another front. The Seahawks start the regular season this weekend but not sure if I will get to watch it. My dad is getting married on Saturday and the family will all still be in town. Its cool though since I do not get to see them on a regular basis (they do not live in WA).
Hmmm, what else. Oh yea, the other day I rolled out Goingbigger.org. Not sure what to do with the site but maybe make it an extreme sports things center around skiing. But that would be mean no more skiing stuff on this blog; or just a major reduction. Who knows, only time will tell.
I guess that it is about it. Not to exciting these days. Did take the Zodiac out on the Puget Sound for some hot laps with family, that was fun 🙂

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