Seattle Seahawks recap for week 1

A lot of things happened this weekend. Family has been in town since Thursday for my Dad’s wedding that happened on Saturday. Spent tons of quality time with them and it was cool since they live in San Diego and I don’t get to go down there that often. Everything couldn’t have gone better until Sunday when Seattle faced Buffalo in a down pore.
The team looked totally out of sync. I am sure having injured starting receivers contributed to this but gesh. It makes wish the starters played more in the preseason to get into their grove so they could hit the opening day with rhythm. Now we are 0-1 when it should have been an easy win. Buffalo didn’t have good stats so it wasn’t that they were playing stellar and smoked us by skill.
Game Stats
 – 252 total yards (bah…can’t win a game like that)
 – 5 penalties for 30 yards (bah…aren’t we one of the least penalized teams in the NFL?)
 – 3 for 16 on 3rd down conversions (bah…we couldn’t move the football at critical times)
 – and time of possession was almost equal
It was just our lack of continuity and being able to get the ball down the field (definitely shows with total yards).
Oh well; this weekend it is a home game and having the home crowd in fully force should help out. San Francisco doesn’t have a chance and maybe I will get some new pictures up. Hard to take new pictures when we are in the same seats every year 🙂

3 thoughts on “Seattle Seahawks recap for week 1

  1. And then they followed up that miserablr performance by getting beat, AT HOME, by the 49ers?  Are you telling me that the Hawks are tied with the Rams for the celler?!  Wasn\’t that one of the signs of the Apocalypse?
    "And verily, I did see the Miner stomp the crap out of the Hawk, and hang him in the basement next to the Ram.  And I heard God say \’Enough!! time to wipe em all out.  Now where did I put my plauge book?\’"

  2. No kidding, the game started off stellar but ended in the cellar. Having the starting wide recievers hurt is really plaguing the timing and rythym of the offense. But on the otherside the defense could have stopped the 49\’ers passing game better; they shut down the run really well though. Hopefully this weekend there are some massive improvements.

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