Past the first exam

Well I am finally about to do it; receive my real estate license. Monday, after finishing the course work, I sat down and took the course exam and passed with no problem. But now it off to take the State exam on Friday with the hopes that I pass the first time around and then these last three years of real estate experienced will be put to good use.
It really helped getting through the course working in the administrative role and learning the terminology. Now it applying the business degree and slang houses like crack…hehehe…that would be nice but unlikely in the real estate upheaval we are experiencing. That is all for me.

3 thoughts on “Past the first exam

  1. That sux about the spam.  I\’ve been deleting it as it gets posted, but its a total pain to find it and root it out.  That cool about your license, I just hope that you\’ll be able to do something with it in the near future.  What sux about the bye is that it\’ll hurt the Hawks in my computerized rating system.  I run 2 football pools every year.  One where humans pick the winners and one where computer programs pick the winners.  My program was coming up with an offense score a defense score and a schedule score and combining them.  What I did this year is break out the components.  One of those is wins.  Right now with only 1 win the Hawks are in the bottom half of the league.  With 1 win and some teams having 4 wins they\’ll really be underated.

  2. Spam is week ass!
    You designed a computer program for a football pool? Haha that is too much 🙂 I can\’t seem to do any good in my two pools. picking about 50% of the games right which is no where near the money.

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