A busy ass weekend for me

This weekend was busy and it felt great to get a lot of things accomplished. Friday night, Kin members and I ran through the Rift of Nurz Ghashzu. It is a spectacle in my opinion because it takes 12 people of a variety of skills to accomplish killing the bosses. Unfortunately we didn’t run it fast enough and only got to Barz before we all had to go to bed. My Champion is pretty tough and is going to get a major upgrade with the release of Mines of Moria.
Saturday morning came to quick and it was time to set into another project; moving fish and cleaning Double D’s fish tanks. Since the previous fish tank post much has happened; fish have be relocated to other homes because they were getting to big for the tank, two additional tanks have been and one more awaits completion in the garage. So I moved baby Jags from the 30 gallon to the 10 gallon, baby Jags from the 150 gallon to the 10 gallon and move the Jag parents into the 30 gallon. Quite the operation but it is all done but the Jag parents are all stressed on in their new home.
Then it was off to Dad’s house to get the covers for the Zodiac and hung out with and talked about stuff. He says is nice to be done with the house and have some done town; well if he gets any down time. After that it was off to a friends house to watch the free fights on Spike. The fights where OK but nothing to spectucular. I gotta give Leben. He fought excellent, and I think he won, and has a great attitude even in the face of a loss. Stand up guy! Also heard he has been sober…it does shows. Well that raps up the Saturday.
Now Sunday was here and it was time for more chores. I got up and started cleaning around the house, getting laundry going…etc and then watch 8 Mile on TV. Never seen it before, even being a Eminem fan, and really liked it. The clown offs where hilarious, had cool beats and were just awesome to watch. It was cool how Eminem shut the dude up at the end! Brilliant. Makes me wonder if that is how he did find his style, dunno.
After the movie it was time to clean the boat and get it ready for winter, badda bing badda boom, done. The clean the truck inside and out, its raining today, and get back to doing laundry, the kitchen, go to town for groceries and dinner. So I ate some Pho and watched the Seahawks game (it was another dismal performance with more injuries) and then worked on a website well into the evening.
Busy busy and the weekend just flew by and it is nearing the end of my Monday. Well gotta run…have a few things left to do at work besides blogging 😉

4 thoughts on “A busy ass weekend for me

  1. Hey Dude!! Yeah the Seahawks are stinking it up. What happened to Hasselback. I just saw some of the highlights (err lowlights) and saw that wallece was in again. There are 2 reasons I missed the game. One the Hawks don\’t get broadcast in Utah, and I didn\’t renew NFL Sunday Ticket, and Two I was busy boarding down Snowbasin mountain. Got my first 2 days on the mountain under my belt!! They came later than they did last year due to a lack of snow. We are, however, getting pounded today, with another storm due in over the weekend.Rock on!!

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