Join me on Timu for some social sports fun

Gesh it has been ages since I have last posted on Spaces but I have been busy. Facebook has taken over and I have swtiched to it primarily since more of my real life friends use it. I have been uploading some pictures but not a whole lot when compared to my Spaces album. But I have actually started getting involved in another site called is a social connectivity website for sports teams and individual who love to play and share sports. I myself have joined the skiing hub and a few others. It is pretty cool and probably the coolest of all the various sports hubs is the Unicyclists. There are tons of videos and pictures of extreme unicycling and who would have thought. I wouldn’t have.
If you are interested in joining please accept my invitation and create a profile, create and/or join a team and start sharing. My friend Matt has been hard at work on the website and would be really please to see a lot of people join. As for me, I am going to posting videos and pictures of skiing stuff and with luck I will be in Whistler/Blackcomb and Mt. Hood for some serious spring skiing. My profile has a few pictures, videos and some other hoopla. Well I am off to get back to work at my desk, been at since 7am 😦

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