It’s the End of the World as We Know It

I am not talking about a R.E.M. song and if you watched History Channel’s Armageddon Week last week then you’ll know my frame of mind while writing this post.

Recently connections have been found between the ancient Mayan calendar, I-Ching, Jewish Bible, Book of Revelations, intergalactic alignment, and the end of days. If you grew up in the 80-90s then more than likely you’ve heard at one time or another the world will end. I can remember the Y2K crap that went around and got everyone into a uproar and nothing happening with at start of the new millennium. Though this time it maybe different.

Let’s start by taking at look at the Mayan calendar and intergalactic alignment. It is well documented that the Mayan calendar is the most accurate calendar in history and that it also has a specific end date, December 21, 2012 (oh shit Batman! that is less than two years away). With all the different end of days stories and beliefs, the correlation between the Mayan calendar and intergalactic alignment is intriguing to say the least. The Mayans heavily documented the planets and stars and based their entire civilization on specific dates gained from watching the heavens but why have it end? Did the Mayans predict a cataclysmic event over 5,000 year earlier before its supposed to happen? Maybe…

On December 21, 2012 the Earth, Sun and the center of the Milky Way (the name of our galaxy) will be in perfect alignment and its that alignment which could reverse the magnetic poles of the planet. If the magnetic poles are shifted then the Earth’s crust could shift all over its self. Just think about John Cusack’s movie 2012 but this would be real. Sorta makes your butt hole tighten up huh? Scientist though are unclear on the severity because for all anyone knows the shift could be a slow and gradual process. This leads into the biblical outlook on the end of world.

Don’t believe me? Read it on Wikipedia Smile

Biblical and other religious textes point to the end of days as a series of events culminating in massive destruction that include famine, climate, disease, and war. We humans are extraordinarily efficient at killing each other and creating more problems than we solve. Taking a short glimpse at the daily headlines consist of famine, climate change, disease, and war and its pretty easy to see how destructive we have become. Recently, the world has been experiencing increasing storm strength, Hurricane Katrina, violent earthquakes, the latest in Haiti, that topple buildings or send huge Tsunamis on a collision course with coastal residents, Sumatra 2004, and the spread of highly contagious diseases like H1N1. Are these the real time biblical events described and are we now leading up to the end of the world?

There is also a time date associated with the end of days and it’s very close to 2012. Is this just coincidence? I am not sure.

But it is not just people making the predictions now. The dawn of the internet has lead to the development of The Web Bot program. The Web Bot looks at the world wide web, a pretty big task, and analyzes keywords looking for patterns. The data gathered points to end date of planet Earth on December 21, 2012. I do have 1 question for the developers of the Web Bot. As the Web Bot crawls around the web analyzing keywords could the amount of information online regarding a certain topic actually influence its outcome? Like say, I dunno, December 21, 2012 and the end of the world.

Like many other doomsday proficiencies, December 21, 2012 may come and go without a fleeting glance. The proficiencies expire and nothing else can disrupt the perfect little cycle we have down on planet Earth. Wrong-O!

On Friday April 13, 2029 an asteroid name MN4 will make a flyby planet Earth, think Top Gun – "Negative ghost rider the pattern is full". MN4 will fly so close to Earth that it will pass in between orbiting satellites and the planet. Whew that is close one. Crazy as it maybe, and a miss is likely, the real crazy will begin approximately 7 years later when MN4 makes its return visit. The 2029 flyby may alter the asteroid’s trajectory just enough for it to impact the Earth in 2035. Not what I call comforting.

So with all these different cultures, civilizations, and now science, it is hard to discount that something is going to change the lives of everyone on this planet in the near future. Hopefully people will start evaluate their place on this planet and how they want to live. Will that life be for destruction and chaos or will that be one of peace and cooperation? Nostradamus alludes to the human species in having a choice about the outcome.

In the Lost Book of Nostradamus there is a picture of a monk holding an empty book (Book of Life) face out to the reader. One interpretation of the image is that Nostradamus is telling us that we have a choice and role in our own futures. If humans have a choice then why do continue to make the wrong ones? I don’t know and if I did I would tell no body – MUHAHAHA! Just kidding or am I? MUHAHAHA!

What are my thoughts on all this? Being a person that sides with science, I cannot help but think about the many different ways that ancient civilizations and biblical texts, profits and now scientist have to come together to see similar problems. No matter th


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