Marysville real estate and business update

The ski season is about over for me and haven’t made any more videos. I’ve been working on a mashup with the footage from the year and I have a short clip that I need to put up but unfortunately I’m terrible with video editing software.

The last time I went skiing was at the beginning of January yet the good news is I’ve been super busy with work and generating more real estate business for myself and our team. The latest project has been to team up with Jeff Latham with his plat the Marysville Meadows in north Marysville. This project is really exciting since I get to partner with a top in agent in the office and enhance current strategies to further build and grow business.

Tangent Thought: I should customize this blog even more as it is pretty plain but plugins are not allowed.

Part of the marketing I’ve been doing is blogging about the plat to help build traction to the page and it is definelty in my interest to do so. It was agreed that a portion of the sales generated from each lead will come back to me in the form of a referral. So who was once a competitor is now a partner in business. Booyao! I love it.

Well I better get back to work as I need to contact some clients and shoot some emails out. Peace out.


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