Real life can be a struggle

When real life gets hard the only thing left to do in soldier on. Or at least that is what I’m telling myself. As a Marysville real estate broker, I enjoy the benefits of self employment. Whether that is selling enough homes to take time and go skiing or work my butt off to hopefully get a home sold. Right now its the latter with a big struggle on 2 deals, both in Marysville, that have financing issues, roof leaks, and an inability to have title insurance.

To make work more challenging because I don’t have enough to do already, I’ve started working on a new relocation page for hospitals in Everett. The meat and potatoes are there, that sounds good as I’m starving, with all the main hospitals there yet during my research many more turned up. Mostly smaller private practice clinics that may eventually make there way to the list. The page is all text, which is el boring so tomorrow, since it is sunny, I’m going out to take photos – I’ll probably post a few on Facebook as well.

Also, I haven’t seen my girlfriend, other than lunch yesterday, since Sunday. That sounds like an easy fix yet I’ve been enjoying staying at my place. Since we have been dating, just over a year, I stay a lot at her house because she has two little girls and a dog. Where as my place has nothing and its quiet small – similar to my Kirkland studio. It doesn’t sound like a big deal just to drive to Arlington to see her yet when I live out of a backpack and drive during my job it sucks to get off work and hoof to another town (distance has ended a few my relationships). Needless to say it’s wearing on me. In one year she has stayed one time at my place. Sometimes I find it odd yet can understand. The guy with no kids has to make all the sacrifices.

We also discussed what it would look like if we got married and so far nothing for her would change yet everything in my life. Another big thing is where would all my stuff go? More likely in box her garage or my storage unit. A depressing thought. So who knows where it will as I really like her and don’t want to loose her yet if there isn’t balance I will end up loosing it and walking away from the relationship. Since I’m venting, she can be bossy.

Well that makes me feel a bit better getting it off my fat chest – yes – I’ve put on a few pounds as of late.


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