Tomorrow Is going to Be Cool

Tonight, as my girlfriend is sleeping and I watching #AncientAliens, I’m up late finishing a website project for a college friend. My friend hired me to build him a WordPress blogsite for his Woodinville Window Cleaning business and it appears I’m almost done. The last item to complete is the grey area above the footer – need to pull content from somewhere and that is my challenge.

Well enough about work. Tomorrow is going to be awesome day, I should be sleeping, as I’m going Gleneagle Golf Course for a 2 man tournament. Jake and I are going to try our luck and maybe win a prize during a raffle. We have no idea who is hosting and putting on the event. Just signed up on the internet. Even though I am a big skier, I still love to golf as it reminds me of Grandpa and being a kid.

Anyway I’m off to bed and getting ready for tomorrow. Oh yea, I have to walk Joy’s girls in the morning before I go. Breakfast is a good idea.


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