Last Day of Vacation is a Bummer!

Today marks the last day of my April vacation with Joy and her family. It has a been a great vacation and it feels like we’ve done everything under the Arizona Sun. Upon landing and driving to Joy’s father’s and wife’s home, Joy,her girls, and I where in the pool swimming. Residents of Las Palmas, a 55 an older community, looked at us funny since it was only 75 degrees out which is hot for us Washingtonians.

Besides swimming, shopping and hanging with friends at Greasewood Flats and playing at round of golf at Dobson Ranch, Joy, her family, and I went to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium and the Arizona Science Center in which I blogged about – Joy gave me a sideways look for that. The two posts have pictures and here is a video from the Science Center’s Forces of Nature exhibit.

I enjoy blogging about activities and think I am going to do more on my real estate website. Today’s shopping was fun and picked up two ping pong ball guns for my nephews. My brother and sister-in-law always give me the stink eye for buying items that fly yet I can’t help it. In addition to the guns, I bought myself a AZ golf ball and a three wheeled motorcycle with two golf bags in the back and the wording on the side of the bike that read “fairway to heaven”. Then it was ice cream time at the Sugar Bowl in Scottsdale.

Now its quiet time and blogging (go figure) and a bit of tinkering on this site. Take cares!


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