Blah Blah Blah and Blah Blah

Is it odd to be frustrated while in a relationship? Sometimes I wonder as time passes while my girlfriend and I date.

I find the comments of how I don’t drive or do other things like her so it has to be wrong. An example was tonight, on Monday’s my girl friend goes to a local high school for open swim and tonight I drove her car. I went into another entrance and I get the comment “Toby is going the wrong way”. Seriously? Wrong way? Uh, there are two entrances.

It gets annoying especially when work has been stressful. I would like to someone just to say “hey how was your day?” yet when arriving at her house its screaming from excited kids and dog that jumps on me. Oh man that last one erks me.

When I was single it was just me. No pets, no kids, and whatever I felt like doing. Now I get those days still yet if I do something with the girlfriend it seems I’m always in the back seat or riding shotgun on their plans. And if there are times to plan something with her, I have to work around a softball schedule. There are days when I feel that my life has changed a lot while nothing in her has – except for me being around.

I’m glad I’ve felt like using this site again as it is a place where I can release thoughts as to work through them. Instead of them stewing in my head.

Also, work has been fucked up for a few days. Working with people who want it all their way just ticks me off. Like they are the last people on the planet and I would like to them to go fuck themselves in the face. Might get me in trouble; though there are days I would like a 9 to 5 and not have to be in sales.

Ah well;l it’s life.


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