A July Update

It has been a bit since i last rambled so here it comes. Work has been going really good. Showing a lot of homes, writing offers, closings transactions and yet I find the stress up there and tough to manage. On top of work has been my personal life which consist of Joy and her girls along with working, and tonight completing, the boat. It has been so much to handle that I almost popped yet Joy grounded me.

It is amazing how having, and being with, a great women in one’s life creates balance when balance seems out of reach. I seen her, she calmed me down, and everything went according to plan. A tribute to her awesomeness is the past year and half of dating. My life has balanced while my work life has become more steady and fiscally healthy. More like it is; my life is more healthy having her in my life.

Yes, I loves Joy 😀 Here is a picture of the waterslide park we went to yesterday with her girls.

Birch Bay Waterslides

Tomorrow, Jake and I head out on the Zodiac for the first crabbing day of the season. It has been a long time coming and Jake has helped me so much getting all the items buttoned up. We removed the pontoons, built a wire harness, installed pontoons, rewired the boat trailer, did many runs to Harbor Marine, and completed her tonight at 9:30pm – I’m blogging way to late.

Wish it was light enough to get a pic of the Zodiac behind the Chev yet no go. Here is one after the pontoons where installed.

zodiac pro

Well think I’m gonna call it a night. Cheers and going to post to some pics from crabbing on FB and Flickr. Wish us good luck.


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