How to Properly Catch Dungenous Crab

I have learned a lot over the years when it comes to properly catching Puget Sound Dungenous crab. And the biggest item I learned is its not that hard – or so I thought. Below is a video take with a HD Hero2 and is timelapse at 1,300% and the items that stand out are:

1. Dengenous Crab are smarter than we give them credit for.
2. Dengenous Crab can easily get in and out of a crab pot.

It was a common thought, between my friends and family, that once a keeper is in the pot that keeper can no longer leave – Wrong-O. As watching the video I’ve come to some conclusions about what I can do better.

– Pull crab pots at 30-35 minutes (no need for a longer soak time).
– Not going to use bait boxes any more as they don’t allow the feeding frenzy I prefer.
– If the pot gets to full crabs come and go as they please due to the doors being left open.
– Crab freak out once their legs are off the ground.

The season is over for me, sportsmans only get a few months, and I’m already looking towards next year to get my crab feast on as I never eat crab any other time of the year. By-product of being spoiled with the super freshies.

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