In flight to Vegas

I am finally leaving to Las Vegas for the my 3rd annual Pubcon conference. Even though I am excited to learn new SEO as well as corrective SEO, I have the desire to be with my girlfriend. It’s not that I’m already home sick; it’s just that she arrived back Saturday from a weeks trip to Alanta. Needless to say we didn’t spend much time together between our two trips and I met up with Jake for the Seahawks Game.

Saturday, Upon picking up Joy and her girls, I ran into my dad at the airport. Not strange, however, when it was unplanned and sheir coincedence. Dad drove down his wife’s son so he could pick up his fiance and new baby who just flew in from Rio. It is still odd to have a step brother even though I consider him my dad’s wife’s son. Guess I’m still not willing to accept I have more than one brother – LOL.

The rest of Saturday was just as good as the morning and Joy, the girls, and I drove home slowly taking in the sites and stopping and stores for Halloween decorations. After a few stops we finally made it home and we all set up our spooking decor – my job being outside in the cold. LOL its cool as I started to sweat and I enjoy outside. We still have to get pumpkins and I hoping Joy and the girls can wait till I return since I really enjoy doing stuff with them. A very different thought process I once had.

Random Thought [inflight cheezits are good]

In 2012, I took a few vacations and have done tons of stuff: Arizona, Soap Lake and Sun Lakes, Moses Lake (for a waterpark), Kelso, a handful fo trips to the mountain, Lake Cavanaugh, crabbing on the Sound, and … hmmm … probably look at Facebook and get more to the list. Oh yea, Zombie shooting in Snohomish. So I’m definitely not hurting in the travel and fun department.

Random Thought: [the guy seated infront of me has odd skin]

Now that I am airborn, and have sometime to kill, I am running through my new Motorola XYBoard. Pretty sexy machine I might add with a bluetooth keyboard. The mouse stick embedded in the keyboard is tough to use and its faster just to stick a finger to the screen and mouse around instead of moving that little stick with my sausage fingers. So far I’m pretty impressed by the load speed of applications, the fluidiness in applications, and how thin the tablet is. I opted to tether the 4g to my Verizon account versus buying a mobile hotspot – less shit to worry about especially if I am showing homes.

As a real estate broker, I damn near have a Batman utility belt. One surprise I did have and not sure why, is I thought I would have to ahve a 4g phone to add a 4g device on my account. Nope, but it will take a moment to get used to not doing emails on my phone. However, setting up and exchange server between all these gadgets would nice as to not confuse what message have been followed up with and when instead of looking at each device or always cc’ing myself.

Random Thought: [flight attendents are nice – Southwest]

As we approach the halfway mark of a 2:15 minute flight from Seattle to Las Vegas I think I will save other thoughts for future blogs. Cheers!


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