On the Way Home back to Marysville

As much as it sucks leaving vacation there is always that feeling that draws me back to home. While I enjoy Las Vegas, this trip number 5 for me, the novelty has worn off. Well, except for having evenings like last night. So what was so special about last night? Well let me tell ya.

Upon finishing the last Pubcon session, I beat feet back to TI to place a few more bets on the Thursday night Seahawks game. The Seahawks didn’t pull out a win, which would made me a lot of money, the way I did bet only cost me $4 and some change in losses. That’s not what made my night. I met up a real estate broker friend from Hawaii and a promminent SEO firm called BlueGlass. I would like to give a shout to Jeff, Bob, Greg, Chris, Lauren and their wives for letting me tag along and have one the coolest LV Pubcon experiences ever.

I did get to talk shop, against the advice of my girlfriend, and the helpful pointers for this one man SEO show has my brain realing on what can be possible with some planning, time, and modest budget. Joy will probably hate me as I’ll still be on a computer in the evenings quiet often. Ah the cost of trying to make a buck and stay on top of the competition. My competition has gotten fierce in the SERPs so hopefully all my notes, plus advice I recieved, will be put to good use in a timely fashion.

Taking advantage of Southwest’s in-flight wifi, hell it was $5, will allow me to get some thoughts out of my head while starting to implement a few of the ideas from the conference. I’ll probably post on my marketing blog, if I can call it that anymore, about what I learn to help it solidify in my puny brain.

Random Thought: I hate in-flight turbulance even though pops is a pilot.

Well I am off to blog some more šŸ™‚


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