LOL SMS Bank Alert Scam

So I am just finishing some work up and I get this text message. Here is the actual text from number 508-223-7261.

BANK SMS ALERT: Your CARD has be DEACTIVATED. Please call 425-333-7621.

Sure, no problem. I am calling right away.



6 thoughts on “LOL SMS Bank Alert Scam

    • BTW, from AT&T web site…Forward the spam message to the short code 7726 (SPAM) so that AT&T can start an investigation. If you receive a number of spam texts, we recommend putting 7726 into your contact list so that you do not need to remember the numbers.

    • So live blogging the phone call. Automated answering machine answers and asks for card number which needs to activated. Upon entering the card number the automated phone system disconnects. We called the number after being disconnected only to reach a non working number. Fail scam!

  1. thank you for the info! I got the bogus text tonight and knew it had to be a scam. sure enough after googling the 425 # I found out it’s a scam. thank you!!! F those guys!! LOL!

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