Here I come Chicago

Today I am on my way to Chicago to visit my cousin Travis and to spend a highly anticipated St. Patrick’s Day in a new place. From 30,000 ft I can finally see the Washington sky, been a while it seems and the mountains have had nothing but rain, and I am reminded how interesting and exciting the unknown is. East I fly and into the future.

Last night, Joy and I started chatting about vacations and this will be my first, besides Pubcon conferences, that I will vacationing without her. It seems odd for both of us. Most of the time, I spend my weekends with her, unless I have to work, and always travel with her. So this trip is a bit odd in that respect.

Anyhow, it will be awesome to spend time with Travis as it has been years since we’ve been able to hangout, have intellectual discussions (with the first Jesuit Pope and President Obama in town there should be no shortage of conversation), see architectural and historical sites, enjoy some haunted or Capone tours, eat and drink to fulfillment.

I’m surprised there is no internet on this flight so it leads me just to blog. No inputting a new property listing or keeping tabs on the Facebook social media world. It is good to unplug for a bit and get back to my roots, blogging here. So I guess is on to more fun stuff than work.

One question I am going to have answered is “why do they call Chicago Chicagoland?”. No clue why. Is it a local cultural deal or is Chicagoland an actual place. Either way, I have never seen the History, Discovery, or Travel Channel use the Chicagoland reference.

I believe I am staying at the Jesuit university with Travis, should be cool. From pictures he sent upon his arrival in Chicago the campus looks great, has excellent location (always a real estate agent), and has beautiful architecture worthy of a thousand pictures – unloaded my phone last night and brought the GoPro. I will be getting crazy with pictures and maybe some video. I would like to actually put an edit together but never seem to get it done. Maybe this Chicago trip will persuade me to do it.

Side Note: 3g just popped up but alas it was a fleeting connection.

Can’t wait to arrive and the flight is going great. I fly Southwest as much as I can because I like their service and ease of travel. Of all recent past flights, this flight in particular is so smooth. Not one bounce of turbulance yet I probably just jinxed myself. Yep, I did but it is was small. Irony. I  would really like an internet connection as to be able to move on and not worry about publishing upon landing. Ah well. Just get it done.

Well that is it for now and probably will post here as well as the real estate site. Laters!


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