Back Home After a Awesome Trip

I couldn’t be happier with how the visit with Travis went and the weekend vacation. Leaving on a Friday and getting home late Monday night was perfect. Now I am resting and reminicing about the Museum of National History, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Art Institute of Chicago. That is three epic places in during that 4 day period.

And these weren’t the smallest of buildings. The buildings where huge, not just huge, but acres of HUGE. I was wearing my boots and my feet are like rawhide leather that could withstand anything now. On average, Travis and I spent 3.5 hours at each place going from room to room and exhibit to exhibit. Each time we turned around there was something else or a room that drew us in and we couldn’t stop, we just had to continue.

Over and over we gazed upon one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable items from history. It was just truely amazing.

Another amazing feet was Sunday night’s escapes. After walking around the Museum of Science and Industry we took a drive up north to Mustard’s Last Stand for a real Chicago dog with all the fixings, then it was drive around a upscale neighborhood just to look at some homes and a temple. Feeling like we needed a drink we drove south to a pub for some drinks. I had a few Bell Ambers which were surprisingly smooth. Then we had a craving to try some bacon.

It didn’t take long before we arrived at Paddy Long’s  because we heard there was a thing called a bacon board. The rumors were true but we started out with the Bacon Grenades; deep fried bacon wrapped sausage with bbq dipping sauce. YUM is an understatement. We thought about ordering more but we went to the Bacon Board to try 4 different types of bacon. By this time, Travis and I had the bar smelling of bacon. Winning. Still not satisfied, we ordered a Bacon Bomb Sandwich.

Oh holy hell, that took us over the top and after finishing a beer we both decided it was time to head home. Walking Monday morning with my first official bacon hangover, it felt great, and I need substance to fill the void that was now vacant. More food and the morning’s flavor was Chicago’s Bagel Authority. Damn, the menu was so packed with tasty concoctions that would have any breakfast expert in a state of wonder. We ordered some Sara’s Secrets and enjoyed every single bite of cream cheese, sprouts, and mounds of avocado.

That mean gave us enough energy to walk around the Art Institute and look at Monet, Picasso, mid evil armour and weaponry, and loads of religious paintings. It was great and I needed more time but unfortanetly it was time to catch a flight and have one more Chicago dog before boarding. I did it, another dog, made the flight in time and even got a home signed around. Now I am blogging and its 12:55 pst and I’m wupped.

Time for bed; night night.


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