Almost to the end of ABC’s Zero Hour

When ABC decided toncancel Zero Hour I was more than disappointed. With all the shifty so-called reality shows, a thought provoking thrill ride was what this cable TV watcher wanted in a prime time show. The morons at ABC did something half right and aired the show on Saturday night. Fine with me as I never go out anymore.

The story line hooked me from the start with an intriguing plot line that dove reaper into historical function than anticipated. Hank and the Modern Skeptic staff has a great mix of personality and after watching the latest episode last night, did a weekend vacation, I can’t wait to see how White Vincent, Hank, and Hank’s dad all play out as well as if the clown of Jesus is actually attempted.

As someone who hasn’t read the books nor seen the movie, Zero Hour is the only show that can keep my interest.

Lala is dead and the RosenChristians (spelling) are trailing the 41 Trust in prevention I don’t know how the church can stop them.

I’m tempted to read up on the plotline but will resist until ABC stops airing the show.


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