Sittin Pretti’s Summer Slam 2013 in Arlington WA

2003 C1500 Chevrolet Truck
Well I did it; my first ever truck show. Sittin Pretti hosted Summer Slam 2013 at the Arlington Airport and being that it was so close to home I said “what the heck”. The truck has gone through a fair amount of modifications but compared to the other trucks mine looked stock with a lift kit which was a bit disheartening.

My truck, a 2003 C1500, has had some mild, not cheap, mods like Bear 14″ rotors with duel piston calipers, American Racing 20″ wheels wrapped in Toyo rubber, BBK headers with Flowmaster 50 Series mufflers, K&N Cold Air kit, a Grant Airbag replacement steering wheel, and a DJM 3/5 suspension drop.

It’s not bagged, laying frame, on 26’s, with a wild paint job. So the chances for a trophy were slim to none – I knew that going into yet wanted to enter to have fun.

It was super fun and talking with folks who have the similar interest, meaning trucks, and sharing mods. One thing I found disappointing, which could be the style of show, is not more street performance trucks. Mostly all show and no go because I was hoping to get some performance ideas for my goal to autocross the truck. Guess that is me just being a truck show rookie.

I would like to give a shout out to Adam in the ’49 Ford F-1 parked next to me. That truck was awesome and he is a cool cat to boot.

Photo Gallery From Summer Slam 2013


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