Dealing with another person’s kids

One thing I don’t understand, especially since I don’t I’ve kids of my own, is the little attitudes of defiance. Take my girlfriend’s neice. Now this little one just turned 5 so I get it she is still young. However, when you talk to her or ask her to stop doing something unsafe then all of a sudde  she will stop talking to me.

Drives me crazy beyound imagination. Not sure why but it does. It happens all the time to more than just me. I have no clue what to do since I’m not technically family yet but with her dad skipping town I’m the closest thing to a father figure around.

Guess I will hve to work on my responses as tonight I asked her if she wasn’t going to respond to me and she stared at me and I said “whatever”, turned around, and walked away. Not the best bug when a kid doesnt respond what you supposed to do?


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