Calico Ghost Town: A Day in the Life of a Miner

Beware, this post is scary scary scary. Syke! On the next adventure day was at Calico Ghost Town in eastern California. A total tourist trap; however, the town was super well done, had deep history preserved, and was a lot of fun to boot.

We arrived, it wasn’t busy, and headed into town. The town is well kept and has a lot to do. We spent 3 hours there and still didn’t do everything- skipped the mystery shack because we had to get on the road.

We started by going on the mine tour which is a 100ft self guided tour through an actual mine. There where a few exhibits then exited out the upper slope of the town. Then it was off to the school house, Joy’s youngest wants to be a teacher, and it was a bummer we couldn’t go inside – ah well. Then it was off to some food at the restaurant. The food was good but the krinkle fries, off the charts.

Running out time, we headed to do the old time photo shoot. Joy was a hottie of a bar maiden and I was the gunslinger. Joy thinks I look like I belong in the old west. Oh, while in the photo shop there was a picture of young miner who looked like a younger me. Sorta cool and creepy at the same time. The picture turned out super cute and we are going to frame it.

Calico Ghost Town was so much fun and I highly recommend it as a family outing. Thanks for the great time Calico staff and maybe we’ll see you again!!!

I couldn’t imagine working in the mining conditions of old let alone today. It seems like a rough day full of risk with, on average, minimal reward. However, living on the open range, living the cowboy lifestyle, and seeing the stars with no light pollution would be something else.


2 thoughts on “Calico Ghost Town: A Day in the Life of a Miner

    • It always give a sense of adventure and the possibility of discovering something even though my adult brain says I won’t. It’s probably one reason why I like shows about junk and antiques lol.

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