Seahawks Move to the NFC Championship Game

For the second time in my life time the Seattle Seahawks are plating in the NFC Championship game and for the first time that game is played in Seattle. As a long time fan, it is so cool see and its even cooler to have the Seahawks’ season continue while many others have to hang it up – mainly Pittsburgh.

Interestingly enough, the two teams fighting for the NFC title are from the same division, the NFC West. The rivalry with the 49ers is definitely strong and ever growing. Joy and I drove to Mesa we stopped at a sports bar north of Sacramento and we were definitely the odd ones out wearing our Seahawks colors. #GoHawks we got a bit razzed but its all good, we won that day and all the others since then.

Next Sunday will be fun to watch as the 49ers whine all the way to their loss. It is imperative the Seahawks do:

– Create time for Wilson the pass the ball.
– Move the ball around using multiple receivers, tight ends and backs.
– Make Krappernick uncomfortable and force bad decisions.
– Continue our defense dominance and win the turnover battle.

Its been a few years since having season tickets and I miss the excitement of being their; however, watching the games from home is quiet comfortable, affordable, and fun. Next weekend can’t come soon enough and their will be so much buzz about the team, curious how Harvin recovers from the bounty hits he took, player excitement, fan excitement, and how the team practices and prepares for the game. #AlwaysCompete


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