A Post from the Seahawks’ Archives

With the NFC Championship game poised to log the richter scale, one of my old posts appears to be gaining old ground, Seahawks piping in crowd noise. Dated September 20th 2006, the post is old. As a long standing fan, dating back nearly 30 years, I find it a bit crazy that oposing fans would think that. I mean, we are not like Belichick.

The noise generated within Century Link is unrivaled though it does pose an idea that something more sinister. Being a 12th Man and Seahawks fan through and through, I can honestly say the fans are rabid. Its been called silly and unbecoming of fans; however, the fan energy built up over the years by fans has finally received an outlet, a exceptional team.

While San Francisco has multiple Superbowl wins, 2014’s NFC Championship witl mark Seattle’s 2nd’s playing, Seattle is hungry for a win. Like hungry hungry. It’s not about beating Sean Francisco, its about wining the Superbowl and making a mark in the NFL’s stage.

I believe the Hawks will perform far better at Sunday’s fame – as long as the refs don’t call shit and the Seahawks do not have excessive penalties.

Biggs’ Strategy for a Seahawks Win:

– Minimize Penalties
– Allow Wilson to Make Plays
– Utilize a Variety of Receiving and Run Plays
– Don’t Force Plays
– Do Not Turn the Ball Over

That is my 4 points of nothing; unless you count the phone to Carroll’s head peace – I wish.

On the Twitter sphere players are saying”


Wilson Interview

One thing that is true, on Sunday the NFC Champion will have been decided. Seattle will host the San Fransisco 49ers in an ALL WEST NFC Championship.



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