A Better Look at Richard Sherman’s Post Game Interview

Image credit Sports Illustrated

What a NFC Championship game it was and more to come on what it means for Seattle; however, the Seahawks win is being overshadowed by a post win interview by Richard Sherman. Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are full of a one-sided story, hate mongering, racism, and plain douschebaggery. Many commentors need to look in the mirror and judge their own actions.

The Erin Andrews post game interview is posted on YouTube.

But everyone doesn’t appear to know the story, or care to know, about the events leading to the interview. On The Monday Morning Quarterback, in an article titled In This Corner written by Richard Sherman, #25 goes on to say:

I ran over to Crabtree to shake his hand but he ignored me. I patted him, stuck out my hand and said, “Good game, good game.” That’s when he shoved my face, and that’s when I went off.

I threw a choking sign at 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Why? Because he decided he was going to try the guy he was avoiding all game, because, I don’t know, he’s probably not paying attention for the game-winning play. C’mon, you’re better than that.

Say what you will about sportsmanship and “staying classy” with Sherman’s interview yet only one article and its featured image, I am using it here show the actions by Crabtree. Who facemasks a player at the end of the game especially when the one receiving the face mask is saying “good game” and looking for a hand shake.

C’mon internet. You’re better than this. Just because the nation is in a uproar about a post game interview, especially when its the 2nd time the Seattle Seahawks have been to the Superbowl, when interviews are conducted all the time, in every sport, and with all types of emotion, that a player might get jacked up after making a clutch play.

Even Forbes states to that fact:

1. So the Seahawks beat the 49ers to go to the Super Bowl, and Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman made the game-saving play, and Erin Andrews interviewed him on the field immediately after the game, and he hollered like a crazy person:

2. Within seconds people on social media were calling him a fool, a thug, a classless jerk and many worse things.

and then…

4. Sherman graduated second in his class in high school and also graduated from Stanford. So not only is he not a fool, odds are he’s smarter than you and me.

5. His degree from Stanford was in communications … which might explain why, while he seemed to be hollering like a crazy person, he didn’t curse and looked into the camera the whole time.

7. Maybe 15 minutes later, when Sherman sat down with the Fox NFL guys, he was calm and funny.

8. If you stick a microphone in a football player’s face seconds after he made a huge play to send his team to the Super Bowl, you shouldn’t be surprised if he’s a little amped up.

9. Ninety-nine percent of on-field interviews are boring and useless. The TV networks do them anyway for the 1 percent of the time they get a moment like Richard Sherman.

13. As a side note: Richard Sherman also called out Skip Bayless on Bayless’ own show, which trumps pretty much anything bad that Richard Sherman has done in his life.

and finally…

22. It seems to me that the only proper response to surviving something like that is to holler like a crazy person.

So you’re not supposed to get excited when you’re going to the largest stage your team can get too? But I think people forgot many other events that lead to a Seahawks victory.

  1. The only offense the 49ers could put together were runs by Kaepernick; meaning, the Seahawks secondary stopped the pass and the defensive line stopped the run.
  2. Forced fumble on Kaepernick with a Seahawks’ recovery.
  3. Lynch’s TD run which was the longest against the 49ers all year.
  4. Baldwins’ 69 yard kick off return.
  5. Wilson’s scrambler to long bomb to Baldwin for 51 yards.
  6. Chancellor’s interception late in the 4th quarter.
  7. Sherman’s tipped ball in the end zone.

The Seattle Seahawks win is all about one post game interview and not a huge team effort than I must have watched a different game. I support Sherman’s response and I think many from Seattle, and the greater area, do as well. The media and internet tool sheds can keep spinning the interview the way they want without showing the whole side but I prefer reality or fiction.

Here is a sweet .gif found of Wilson’s scramble to Baldwin.



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