Superbowl Media Day with the Seattle Seahawks

This morning I got to watch parts of the Superbowl Media Day (#SBMediaDay on Twitter) and seen Richard Sherman, Golden Tate, Russell Wilson and Coach Carroll. It looks like a feeding frenzy on TV and some interesting questions.

Golden Tate needs to wear a GoPro during the Superbowl – he killed it with a GoPro bill cam – and get some epic views from a badasses perspective. That would be so dynamite to see. GoPro, you need to make this happen.

Sherman told the media to interview his team, a sign of a true team player, and his interview really goes to show the quality of a person as well as his talents as a player. I tried to find the reporter who stated that NFL players are the reason why women hang off stripper poles. LOL it was awesome and Sherman’s response was choice – he is such a good guy. Here is picture from Sherman’s point of view on the Seahawk’s Facebook page.


I’d probably clam up and freeze, or just sweat profusely, with that many cameras pointed at me. Way to stay calm and collected Sherman!

Russell’s interview seemed to focus on his hair which he described as a Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars Jerry Curl (I’m pretty that was the statement or darn close to it) versus a lot of game place. Lol silly reporters who don’t follow football. Wilson is only one of the best 2nd year quarterbacks who ever played the game.

Carroll’s interview is what I expected but what I didn’t expect was a question asked by Thomas Brown (I hope I got that right) from NFL Play 60. Way to be a coach Coach and what great words and a good philosophy to live by #AlwaysCompete.

I had to go to work so I’ve missed a lot but KJR 910am had radio row going and I heard Deon Sanders interview Marshawn Lynch and there are a few gems:

DS: How are you doing big fella?
ML: Smooooth.

DS: You look good.
ML: Shit, you do too.

DS: You just don’t wanna talk really.
ML: I’m just bout that action, boss.

ML: I aint never seen no talkin win me nothin.

DS: Marshall Faulk loves you man.
ML: That’s huge, that’s huge, that’s a great.

Full Marshawn Interview


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