The Snow is Coming Down in the Mountains

Yesterday, Todd and I both called in for a powder day since there have been multiple storms coming off the Pacific and stacking snow at Stevens Pass. Yesterday there was 11″ of new and upon arriving just before 9am it was still coming down.

It stayed that way the entire days so we had our choice of which runs we wanted to do. We rocked Hobsback to warm up off our normal runs. Then we ventured around the mountain from lift to lift to run to run. We rarely did any run twice after being warmed as it was smooth transitioning around the runs.

Todd did his second run on the backside, right off from the Tye chair exit ramp and down through the trees. It totally rocked and I forgot what those trails can do to someone just learning powder, and skiing for that matter (Todd’s second season).

After riding Jupiter Express for the first time, got my cheery it’s faster and nicer, we cruised back through Tye and I showed Todd Point Rock for a bit of hang time. Growing up on natural style jumps and drops versus park style, it is easy for me not to over think take-off and landings. However, the landings still need work.

For the rest of the day we moved to Skyline, Hogsback again, and Kehr’s and and Todd’s first look at Chief Trails.

The snow was soft and effortless to turn in. It was easy to sink to far as video shows, and I need landing work. Ah well, I’m old and don’t to rock anymore but its easier to save energy when not picking one’s ass out of the powder.

As much as I like clear skies, it was good to have the snow return. Looking to go up Friday and right now the forecast shows more dumpage.

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