Watch “My New World Cichlid Tank” on YouTube

I just took a short video of our New World Cichlid tank. The tank stats are:

– 92 gallon corner tank
– API XPL filter will ceramic rings and sponges
– LED lights with glass top & 2 heaters

From what I’ve read, this being my first tank, priests like natural looking tank escaping but Joy has two little girls and they like castlescaping so they win. Especially since I get cichlids.

Our fish consist of:

– 2 Green Terrors (Gru is the male, Lucy is the female)
– 2 Jack Dempseys(no names yet)
– 2 Jewels (El Macho is the male and no name for the female)
– 3 Pictures Catfish (Minions)
– 1 6″ Pleco (Dr Nafareo)

Common names but all the reading on scientific names just makes my head swim. At almost three months the fish are healthy and growing great on their beef heart, pellets, blood worms, and cril. All the males are growing fast and their colors are really bright and looking sharp.

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