The Oso slide outside Arlington Washington

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On Saturday March 22nd, just outside the city of Arlington, in a small community called Oso, happened a landslide of massive proportions. The single largest natural disaster in Snohomish County’s recent history, the 530 mudslide has impacted families & friends alike with deaths and injuries, raised homes and structures in the slide path,

A landslide of such magnitude, and the single largest natural disaster in Snohomish County in recent history, that has claimed 24 lives as of yesterday, raised man homes, and is still causing so much pain and heart ache for our community.

How Can We Help?

The United Way of Snohomish County has set up there United Way Disaster Recovery Fund for Mudslide Relief:

“As the search and rescue effort in Oso, Washington continued into its fourth day, United Way began the process of establishing a community-wide recovery fund to assist those affected by the mudslide. United Way seeded its Disaster Recovery Fund for Mudslide Relief with $25,000 from its endowment and JPMorgan Chase added $50,000” – Donate Here.

The Northwest Music Scene Announced Oso Landslide Benefit Shows:

“As most of you know, the area around Oso in eastern Snohomish county was hit with what will likely be the worst landslide disaster of modern times in U.S. history, at least in terms of casualties. One thing we have always done in the northwest is that when people are in trouble or need our assistance, we roll up our sleeves and we do what we can. No where is that more true than the community hit hardest by this horrific event. Everyone knows everyone out there and that makes it all the more harder to deal with. Benefit shows to raise money for the all those affected are now starting to be organized. Here’s the first five than we know of so far” – See the List..

The Snohomish County Red Cross is involved as well with Helping Families As They Wait For Word on Loved Ones:

“The American Red Cross is helping the families near the site of the weekend’s tragic mudslide, providing food, shelter and emotional support.

Red Cross workers are providing food and shelter to residents and first responders. Since Saturday, the Red Cross has mobilized several response vehicles and nearly 100 trained workers to provide support” – Donate Here.

Where to Follow the 530Slide?

– Follow on Twitter at #530Slide.
– Follow on Facebook at #530Slide.
– Follow the Herald on Storify.
– Follow on
– Follow on
– Facebook page Mudslide Info and Relief effort
– Facebook Group 530slide Donations
– Facebook page #530slide Photography Auction
– Facebook Group Oso Fundraisers

A 24-hour crisis line has been set up for anyone feeling grief who needs to talk to someone: 800-584-3578. If you have been affected by the slide and need help please email Jesse Jones:

Where is Oso Washington?

From the City of Arlington, travel northeast outside of town towards Darrington on SR 530 to the small town of Oso. If you blink, you’ll miss it. An older town that is quiet, quaint, and reminiciant of years past, Oso is familar who travel 530 for fun, living, hiking, fishing, photography (Glacier Peak and White Horse are highly photographed), and just enjoying the beautiful Cascade foothills.

How Do you Get to Darrington Right Now?

Since SR 530 is closed the Snohomish County DOT has opened the Mountain Loop Highway. Travel too Granite Falls, WA and turn onto The Mountain Loop Highway. The MLH is not at all a highway but a gravel road connecting Granite Falls to Darrington. Here is what the Mountain Loop Highway looks like after opening.

How Many Households Are Effected by the 530 Mudslide?

In my line of work I tend to see a lot of real estate, from helping folks purchase and help people purchase, and naturally I’ve been looking at property maps of the slide area and the homes impacted. A colleague had contractors in one of her listed when the slide happened – I don’t need to go into details. Devastating for anyone and the emotional impact with loss of life coupled with the loss of memories makes all that more tragic. Recently, I have been showing homes on the SR 530 corridor and the biggest concern has been flooding and where do home sit in the floodplain and floodway, never a landslide. Here are some maps on the mudslide.

In a map published by shows the structures and household in the slide area.


Here is the County’s Online Property Information lot line map. Lot lines are approximates.


The Snohomish County Government released topography map showing the slide area.


Washington Department of Natural Resources Posted:

On Saturday, March 22, a massive landslide occurred near the small town of Oso, along the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River and State Route 530 in Snohomish County, Washington. Numerous lives were lost and many people remain missing. As search-and-rescue teams continue their important work, geologists are monitoring the landslide and the lake that formed behind the landslide debris blocking the river to ensure the safety of first responders and those living downstream of the impounded lake. Here, State Geologist Dave Norman of the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) provides information about the landslide from a geological perspective – Read More.

The USGS Has Posted:

A large landslide occurred in northwest Washington at about 11:00 am PDT on Saturday, March 22, 2014. Recent rain conditions and soil saturation led to the onset of the landslide.

Landslide debris covered about 30 houses and 0.8 miles of State Route 530. Flow also dammed and partially blocked the North Fork Stillaguamish River, creating a potential for flooding at the blockage. A pool of water is forming behind the natural dam, also creating a flood hazard downstream if the natural dam is breached. Currently, the pool is approximately 20-30 feet in depth – Read More.

Snohomish County Washington Has a Page:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 27, 2014 – – SR 530 crews keeping an eye on rainy weather today
Because of the size of the slide, we’ve divided our rescue and recovery efforts into two sections – east and west side…Number of missing in SR 530 slide declines to 90: East-side crews faced some challenges with the condition of the service road leading into the slide site, but were able to enhance the service road and get a lot of work done. Read More.

I cannot stop watching and following the media, probably the reason why I blogged about it, and as I finish this post there is a Live press conference with the National Guard. The 530 mudslide is an event that will not soon be forgotten because everyone I know and talk to in the County knows someone that has family, friends, coworkers, students, and community members someway impacted.

My thoughts and prayers to all.


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