Flat Black Paint Job on the Silverado

Today concluded the second largest step in the roll pan project, putting paint on. A few weeks ago the truck when to Dreamers, in Everett, where they welded the Carriage Works pan in, doing one hell of a job, and since then I’ve just been keeping the rust down.

With Sun out and armed with painter’s tape, saved newspapers, scotch bright, surface cleaner, and 3 bottles of Krylon primer it was time to get started. Joy’s neighbors must find me strange that I would do a driveway paint job but its probably not the first time.

Removing the tail lights I taped up the ass end, sanded the roll pan, liberally applied grease cleaner and acetone, and snapped a few pictures. Carefully, very carefully, paint was applied in the typical left-right sweeping motion as not to cause runs. No one likes the runs.

The process was repeated with the tailgate, top center of the cab, and center rise of the hood. Have to say I’m proud of the driveway paint job and it buys time before a final paint job .

Next step, install the Carriage Works exhaust tips.

Paint Job Photo Gallery


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