Carriage Works Roll Pan and Exhaust Tips


The next step in the Silverado’s upgrades is now complete – the exhaust and roll pan.

The roll pan is a Carriage Works with square cutouts and matching chrome exhaust tips. Hoping for an aggressive yet not over the top look. Thinking it would be a weekend job, HA. Wrong again Tobster.

As to avoid massive frustration, after prefit, and achieve a cleaner look I went to Dreamer’s, in Everett WA, to have the pan welded in. The pain was welded into the rear fenders and the top gap, between the pan and the tailgate, was reduced. I have to give to the guys at Dreamers did slick work with the seems, bracing, and not damaging the factory paint.

After the flat paint job it was back to Randy’s Custom Exhaust for the final details – the chrome. The exhaust was done once yet after the suspension drop I had to cut off everything post mufflers for clearance.

This time things would be a bit different. Randy installed ball & sockets for easy removal, routed the driver side pipe over the axle (over the passenger side) then across to the driver side since traveling over the differential results in more clearance issues.

With the tips welded into place the sigh of relief could be breathed, or was that the wallet sighing in relief? Surprisingly enough, Carriage Works tips didn’t resonate like I thought they might. Instead they allow the muffler sound to exit freely.

All-in-all the money, time, and effort has been well worth it and another chapter in the truck is written.

2 thoughts on “Carriage Works Roll Pan and Exhaust Tips

  1. question about the exhaust tips… What size was the inlet tubing for these. the ones on my old rst were only like 2 1/4 or something, Im needing to redo my exhaust with full 3 inch.. I know this is an old post but thanks in advance. Im having trouble finding info.

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