Won a Award for Best Restored Truck

Today kicked ass! Like more ass than I’ve ever kicked! It was the Big Rock Classic Car & Truck show in Duvall Wa. The shows was packed with a lot of great cars & trucks and people.

Before getting into it, I would like to say the people, attendees, staff, all the vendors, sponsors, and the overall event were all really great. The show tops my list for best show. Also, a shout to the group of guys in the purple with white strips Chevelle near me. Not only were they friendly, they also heard my name, while I was zoning out, when my name was announced! You folks kick ass.

As mentioned, the Big Rock show was in Duvall so I took 203 south out of Monroe where the drive was easy and scenery beautiful. Arriving around 8:30am the traffic was light and I followed a roaster right into the show.

Getting parked, by two mustangs, I unloaded and proceeded to apply copious amounts of Meguiar’s quick wax. Like it was going to help.

The caliber of trucks blew me away. Especially a 54 Chev, a 58 Chevy, and a few F100s. I didn’t any new ideas from those trucks as they are hard to compare to late model pickups. However, it was nice not to see every truck bagged and laid out.

I might be biased, because I won something, but the voting was outstanding. There were main judges, which is how I won – I think, and then attendees and guests had their own ballot which we submitted.

My favorites are always the trucks but the cars didn’t disappoint. Camaros, Superbirds (which one was a new Challenger Superbirded in Detriot, Chevelles, Novas, Corvettes, a Cadlilac Elderado, roadsters, Plymouths, a Lincoln, Willys, Impalas, a Dart, and a bunch of other stuff. Even a Russian war motorcycle with side car complete with a gun.

Big Rock Video

Photo Gallery from the Show


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