My Side Work Project is Coming Along

After college I started getting into SEO and social media market, even before there was such a term, and it lead to doing off-site SEO for startups, myself, and friend’s websites. After a period of time and with all Google’s algorythym updates I became less interested in doing SEO for others.

Since then, I’ve doing it for my real estate business, the day job, and started working on a new project which is just over a year in the works,


When the State’s law began to change, meaning the public was set to vote on I-502, I started thinking of a new business venture. Knowing there has been interest from VC and pviate investors, business owners, and the general consumer and a website was my answer to get into business. While the site is fairely young, the site’s traffic numbers are relatively consistent. See below.


One thing I’m having challenges with is creating consumer and user engagement. has a blog, with zero comments, and forum with just two users, myself and another. Not what I would call a booming community especially since there are websites that trump mine in traffic, users (which is the key segment), and content and content writers.

More will be needed and probably getting more involved with Washington’s marijuana community would help. I could create an investors page, privacy policy page, and see if that helps promotes the site’s legitimacy.

More time will have to spent on the website and right there are only 3 websites I work on.


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