Pan Handlers and Bums in Smokey Point


Living around the Smokey Point area I’ve noticed many changes for the better. Costco, Target, Bostons, Petco, IHop, Red Robin, and Buffalo Wild Wings have opened up on the Marysville side with new construction going in on the Arlington side. The area is really blooming.

Now it seems Smokey Point is now becoming a stomping ground for pan handlers and drug addicts. Virtually every street corner harbors folking with signs “needing money” “homeless” “anything helps” and all the while the look on their face speaks of tales of long days and even longer nights.

I live off 172nd near SR9 and on my way I see a lady and man, better described as grandpa and grandma, who are homesteading in the bushes just off the sidewalk – east of Panda Express.

It saddens me to see people in such plight as well as see the area brought down by folks leaching off others for self destructive purposes. Believe me, I am no Saint nor am I free of personal vices but the area is suffering.

Hope something changes to Smokey Point to discourage pan handling.

Is it illegal?

If it is then it does no good to lock people up for it either as it just costs tax payers money since those folks have no money to begin with.

Maybe I’ll do some more research on the topic and see what I can do.

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