The Family’s 4th of July Fireworks Display

Every year Joy and I spend the 4th of July at her Dad’s house with most of our family, my brother is always at Lake Cavanaugh, a bbq and fireworks show. Last year we had a great time and the video put together came out decent so wanted to put together a better GoPro edit.

Comparing this year’s and last year’s video I wish I had included some POV video, maybe next year.

This years video the camera was set at the back porch, the spectator’s POV, approxiamtely 75 yards away from the launch area in order to capture the whole show with steady video versus being shaky. The camera is a GoPro 3+ Black and was attached to a ski pole along with the Skelton Case. In hindsight, The Frame would have been the best audio capture case yet the Skelton Case did a pretty good even though all camera audio was removed.

There was a GoPro Hero 2 positioned on the launch board, and even a Hero 1 off at an off set angle, but those videos didn’t make it into the edit – thinking back I should spend more time editing the final product prior to uploading. Anyone who’s done editing knows it takes so long.

Being in Washington State our nights don’t get super dark till after 10pm and that’s about when the show started.

Camera: GoPro 3+ Black Edition
Settings: 1080p @ 30fps
Editing Software: Adobe Elements Premier 9

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