A Family Day Trip to Friday Harbor

A few Sunday’s ago Joy, the girls, Mom, Patrick, and I went to Friday Harbor, in the San Juan Islands, to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Rising early, getting on the road, fueling up with coffee and hot chocolates, and hitting the freeway, we arrive arrive in Anacortes around 8:10am to catch the ferry.

The fog was so thick that seeing anything was nearly impossible. At one point the fog was so dense that the ferry stopped because smaller vessels were in the channel – nice the ferry captain was safe. By the time we arrived into port the fog lifted and the Sun was gleaming.

The kids had never been on a ferry ride through the San Juans and watching, hearing, and seeing their amazement brought a smile to your face. Ah the wonders of the new and the cool, something us adults miss at times.

Upon arrival, and stepping onto Orcas Island, we decided to take a trip out of town so we could all stretch our legs. We decided on the Lime Kiln Point State Park.

Walking the trail and hiking down the water, the kids were able to look through tidal pools, watch a seal have gnaw on salmon, watch a dow and her fawn, threw a few rocks, took lots of pictures and videos, and breathed in the fresh salty air and never once looked at missed calls or social media.

Then it was back to town to eat at Cask & Schooner Public House & Restaurant for burgers, salads, fries, sandwiches, and a really good cold beer.

As time passed with fun conversation and laughs, Patrick wanted to hit the car show. Naturally, no one opposed and we arrived just in time to walk through the cool cars & trucks. While there, the show’s MC announced folks should get start getting into the ferry line as the 3:45pm ferry was about full – it was only 2:30-pm.

Not risking it, we headed back only to learn that it was full and had to wait for the 6pm ferry. Receiving a parking voucher, the attendant told us to be back no later than 4pm with the Denali.

Patrick and I went to a sports pud while the girls shopped. After killing the necessary time and feeling good, we boarded the ferry and took in a great sunset back through the islands.

Joy, the girls, and I stopped in Anacortes for Mexican and then b-lined home with the girls watching Despicable Me 2. A perfect ending to a perfect day.

Photo Gallery from the Trip


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